Friends / Influences / Foes / Daily Reads

-Jason Copeland - 3D Animator/Artist
My love, fellow goob, and partner in life.

Eff That S! - Ruminations, Rants, Reviews, & Randomness
Mah best fren'!

- Barbara Cooks - Barbara Cooks
My friend Barbara cooks, writes recipes, and kicks more ass in the kitchen than I even thought possible.

- Fun Little Things - Fun Little Things
My friend Grace is a domestic goddess and purveyor of fine embroidery. 

- Life With Phil -
Back in college, my friend Phil was one of the first people I knew to ever have a blog!

- PrivlyShare Priv(ate).ly
My brother is changing the world by helping to make online privacy an actual thing. 

- - Be Very Afraid
The only celebrity gossip that matters, from Michael K, the only celebrity gossiper that matters.