Wolf's Head Pub and Eatery: Hidden Gem in Mission Gorge/Grantville

I am sick to death of the lunch options in Mission Valley near my office. Sometimes chain food just doesn't cut it and you want something fresh and homemade-tasting. With this fed-up mindset, I took to Yelp in hopes of finding someplace new to go and happened upon the Wolf's Head Pub and Eatery in Mission Gorge/Grantville. It had 5 stars but very few reviews, so I thought it would be the perfect place to try out. Jason and I headed there, taking along our senses of adventure.

It's in an area where you would not exactly expect to find a great restaurant. It's on a quasi-industrial block across from Home Depot and next to an auto repair place. It doesn't look like much from the outside. 

However, once you enter the patio, it's a shaded little oasis. Sails and umbrellas protect the milky-white likes of me from the harmful rays of the sun. It felt like a little slice of relaxing vacation on my lunch break. 

They have a small menu of mostly sandwiches. You can build your own panini or go with one of their selections. They have craft beer and some wine as well.

They only have two wines by the glass, but one of them is Pinot Grigio, and I will ALWAYS be happy with that. They gave me a nice big, cold glass (I don't normally have a drink on my lunch break but it was FRIDAY and YOLO). 

Grilled Cheese with Pesto Potato Salad

This came out piping hot and fresh. There were 4 cheeses and it came with Buffalo Aioli for dipping. You have a choice of potato or macaroni salad and I opted for the potato on the waiter's recommendation (though he said both are great, as they are made in house) . Everything tasted wonderful. 

BBQ Ranch Chicken Wrap with Macaroni Salad

Although Jason had trouble with the logistics of eating this since it was bursting with ingredients, he quite liked it. The sandwich and the macaroni salad were both good and fresh. It's so easy for macaroni salad to just taste like hasty globs of mayonnaise, and that was not as issue here at all.

One thing we really enjoyed about the place with the friendliness of the staff. One guy made our food and the other took great care of us with the service. We were the only people there, and I hope that more people discover it so that it sticks around. They told us that they have live music at night on the weekends, so we're going to come back to check that out. 

And speaking of music, the soundtrack was singer-songwriter hits of the 70s aka my favorite WISTFUL TUNES!

Verdict: great place for fresh, unpretentious, homemade food in an unexpected spot. 

Wolf's Head Pub and Eatery
5981 Fairmount Ave.
San Diego, CA 92120