Luce Bar & Kitchen (Bay Park)

The quest for decent lunch food near my office in Mission Valley sometimes requires stretching the definition of "near". Luce is not exactly close per se, but it's only like two neighborhoods over! So me and my trusty lunch companion Bestie Michaela decided that it counted as near enough.

Luce is situated in Bay Park next to Baci Ristorante (a more formal Italian place that Jason and I visit occasionally) and is owned by the son of Baci's owner. The warm hospitality definitely carries over and we felt welcome and at home right away.

At first we did not plan on having a drink since this was a weekday lunch. However, writing on a chalkboard display caught our eye...

"You Must Try: The Famous Apple Pie Mule"? Well, I can't argue with an endorsement that confident. So Michaela and I both ordered one.

The mules are very large. Larger than normal mules. So huge that I'm sorry to say I did not finish it (and feel great shame for this), for fear of returning to work too intoxicated. It was quite good though! It does genuinely taste like liquid apple pie, and was freezing cold and very refreshing on a hot afternoon. I must return when earning a living doesn't beckon.

Pizza of the Day: Pepperoni and Mushroom

Now, I love most pizza. Even bad pizza is good most of the time since it's covered in DELICIOUS CHEESE. However, I do know how to discern when a pizza is more than just good. This pizza was INCREDIBLE, which was a bit surprising since it's only really a footnote on the menu (though apparently they have more types of pizza at dinner). The crust was crunchy on the outside but light and fluffy on the inside. The mushrooms didn't get lost in the shuffle like they often do on pizza. They were front and center and really added to the overall taste.

Carnitas Sandwich

Michaela enjoyed this quite a bit as well. She proclaimed the meat to be the best carnitas she's ever had. That girl knows a thing or two about carnitas, so this is no small complement (though I need to take her to Carnitas' Snack Shack sometime to compare). I sampled the fries and they were great. The parsley added a lot. It also came with a tasty garlic aioli for dipping. (Mayonnaise-based dipping sauces are always a plus in my book!)

Verdict: Yespls. 

Luce Kitchen & Bar
1959 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110

Oh, and I took a selfie on the way back to the car...