Paris: Maison de la Truffe

So good that it's more like Maison de la SPLOOSH! (Ew, sorry.) 

This is the one meal I mention first when people ask about the food in France. It was so decadent and delicious that I'll be dreaming of it until I get a chance to go back. 

You walk in to the restaurant through a little shop that sells all things truffled: whole truffles, truffled mayonnaise, truffled olive oil, etc. The smell is immediately, intensely truffley. If that's not your thang, you will hate this place. Also, I find you suspicious. 

The menu is set up so as to show three prices for each dish: with no truffles, with seasonal truffles, and with black truffles. Naturally we decided to go for broke and have black truffles on everything. It's a real YOLO situation. 

Starter: Gnocchi with Goat Cheese Truffle Cream Sauce


This was the single best dish I ate during our entire time in France. The light gnocchi were the perfect complement to the heaviness of the sauce. I was downright dazzled by the number of shaved truffles on top, and it was the perfect amount to allow enough for each bite. Sean and I shared this and were straight up fighting over the leftover sauce in the bottom of the bowl, brandishing handfuls of bread.

Main dish: Tagliatelle with Truffle Cream

Our waitress recommended this over the truffle ravioli. It was great, though not as amazing as the gnocchi starter (I think the goat cheese in that sauce balanced the flavors a bit better). The pasta tasted freshly-made. One could really get used to this level of decadence. 

Eggs with Truffles, Jamon Iberico, and Vinegar Veal Jus 

My dad scarfed this down like he was in an eating contest. It must have been alright.

On the way out, I bought a few bottles of truffled olive oil to give as gifts and a tiny jar of truffled mayonnaise for myself. After being back for a week, I've already eaten all of it with fries from Western Steakburger, a glorious mix of high and low cuisine that pretty much sums up my total approach to eating. 

Verdict: yes yes OH GOD YES. 

Maison de la Truffe
19 Place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris, France
Metro: Madeleine