Brittany: Saint-Malo

The next stop on our little road trip was Saint-Malo, a Breton city on the English Channel. It features a walled, historic downtown, old pirate forts, and gorgeous GORGEOUS beaches. 

This was the view that greeted us for our hotel room balcony when we arrived. Paradise. After taking in Mont Saint Michel the day before, my life was starting to take on a surreal, cinematic quality. 

We had dinner that night at L’Éveil Des Sens in the walled portion of the city and was amazing. Fresh, creative, and with an inviting modern atmosphere. On the way there, I noticed this place. 

WHAAAAAT? To me this evokes either Creep Show or Rape Show depending on pronunciation, which is not so appetizing. Unfortunate.

But that is pretty much the only unfortunate thing I can think of about Saint-Malo. Gorgeousness abounds.

We spent two nights in Saint Malo. On the second day, Sean and I checked out the absurdity that is an Aquatonic (R) Pool, a Roman baths-looking thing that you walk around and get your muscles sprayed with water jets, and walked around the old city for a bit (with a detour through tangy brown cider town).

We also checked out the food and drink offerings at our hotel: Le Cap Horn and Bar La Passerelle

 Bordier Cheese: Chevre, Bleu, Camembert, Comte

Bordier Cheese: Chevre, Bleu, Camembert, Comte

 Yes, I like Pina Coladas. 

Yes, I like Pina Coladas. 

In fact, we checked out the hotel's drink options so thoroughly that we got into shenanigans that landed this American half-dollar coin in my glass of Champagne. (Sean was flipping it around like he's Harvey fucking Dent.)

In the next installment, our slightly-hungover heroes travel to Paris! Stay tuned.