Heat Bar and Kitchen: Undercover Brunch

This is probably the best brunch place in San Diego that nobody outside the immediate Hillcrest area knows about. It's not impacted by hordes of screaming toddlers, post-race fitness types finally allowing themselves to eat something, and soccer moms from the suburbs who are excited to be somewhere "urban". Do I dare spill this secret and risk that happening? I suppose should, in hopes that just enough people discover it and it stays in business forever. (This is not about snobbery, it's about impatience. I am not someone who will EVER wait over an hour for brunch. Because NO. We live a mere 2 blocks from one of the most popular brunch places in town and our favorite thing to do is scoff at all the people waiting. BECAUSE YOLO.)

That is Randi, friend extraordinaire, who was visiting from Los Angeles for the weekend. She is a fellow enthusiast of endless mimosas. That bears repeating...

Endless Mimosas ($10)

At Heat, they do endless mimosas the best possible way: by bringing you an entire chilled bottle of generic California sparkling white wine (what up France, I respect your Appellation d'origine contrôlée) and carafe of orange juice and letting you pour your own. No weak-ass all-OJ mimosas here. And if you run out of either, your server makes more magically appear. My kind of place. You only really need a dash of Orange Juice for a proper mimosa, and Heat knows this.

Jason is not a mimosa kind of dude, so he ordered Sangria. The portions are unfortunately NOT endless, but you get a good amount. I'm not sure why he looks so bewildered by it in this picture, since he loves their Sangria and recommends it highly.

I recommend endless mimosas highly. Look at that nice lean I've got going. But the food is good at Heat too! Especially the...

Leek & Truffle Quiche 

Not great lighting for such a picture, so let me explain. The dark bits all throughout it ARE TRUFFLES. Continuing the theme of Heat not doing things in a weak-ass way, the "truffle" in "leek and truffle quiche" means actual pieces of truffle and not just truffle oil (something that happens on menus way too often). It is shoveinyourmouthasfastasyoucan delicious. And that's just what I did. It came with a side of sad fruit, but the sad fruit got to live another day, since I filled up on unlimited mimosas and this giant slice of delectable quiche.

Pork Chilaquiles 

This was on special, not on the menu. They usually serve standard chilaquiles, which he has also had before. He loved both iterations. 

Miscellaneous Positives:

- The service is always super friendly. They know you are celebrating Saturday Fun Day and don't wreck that vibe. The hostess will go out of her way to move the umbrella so that shade blankets your pasty white skin.
- You can choose between the front patio, side patio (optimal), or inside. The inside decor is Jetsons-esque retrofuturistic.
- I mentioned this already, but it bears repeating: the wait is is not nuts. We walked right in and got a patio table for 3 around 10:45ish.


-The music is very prominent. This is totally awesome when it's a MICHAEL JACKSON MEGAMIX and not so much when it's Wrecking Ball, again. 

Miscellaneous Negatives:

-It's on on a busy block near Cafe on Park. The best parking option is to use the pay lot at the corner of Park and Robinson. It's only $1/hr though.  

Verdict: Yespls. THIS is brunch as it's meant to be.

Heat Bar & Kitchen
3797 Park Blvd 
San Diego CA 92103
(619) 546-4328