Mother's Day Brunch @ Jayne’s Gastropub

My mom texted me the Tuesday before Mother’s Day, requesting that I make Mother’s Day brunch reservations for 4 people at Great Maple (a super popular brunch spot) at 1pm. I reacted like this…

My mom forgets that holidays are things that everyone celebrates, not just us. As expected, Great Maple was full up. They had no reservation times available for the ENTIRE DAY. However, Opentable came to my rescue and let me keep my laziness intact. It showed that Jayne’s Gastropub was going to be open for brunch that day, when they are usually dinner-only, and had available spots. (Opentable is not a sponsor of this blog, but they probably SHOULD BE because I think they’re the greatest thing ever.) So, I was able to still get us a 1pm reservation somewhere at least. 

We’ve been to Jayne’s a few times and it’s always pretty good. They have a cozy indoor area and an open patio with twinkly lights out back. On this particular day, we were seated inside. Oh boooooy, was it HOT in there. Like “please excuse my musky odor in this polyester shirt” hot in there. I’ll give them a partial pass because they’re usually open at nighttime. However, I had to turn to an old friend to cope with the heat…

Pinot Grigio! 

That’s my brother Sean, by the way. Here he is in full glory, throwing up our traditional family hand signal. 

And here is my pretty mother, clutching her Pimm’s Cup tightly to keep cool. She asked me what was in a Pimm’s Cup and I had a hard time answering, despite the fact that I’ve had them many times before. “Um, it has Pimm’s, which is a thing that’s British, and also usually, like, cucumbers?” Despite this, I guess it sounded good enough for her to get. 

For a free starter, they brought out little berry scones. I don’t have a picture because everyone was starving by the time these came out and grabbed at them like ravenous animals. (I am only somewhat exaggerating.) They were obviously baked in a Madeleine pan, which I found so eminently relatable. Like “wow, even restaurants have specialty cooking items around that they will use any excuse to trot out. Like how our household guacamole consumption went way up just because we got a molcajete as a wedding gift.” 

Blue Crab Cake Benedict on grilled levain with lemony hollandaise

I got this for my entrée. Sometimes Crab Cake Benedict can get a little too soft too fast from sitting in the Hollandaise, but that wasn’t a problem here. There WAS another problem though. The eggs were completely hard! There was no triumphant moment of egg yolk cascading down onto the muffin... just sad, hard egg and not enough Hollandaise to make up for it. The sauce was, true to its name, very lemony and very delicious. I just needed more of it to make up for the lack of egg yolk. Overall it was too dry and I was saaaaaad.

Sea Bass Fish & Chips

My grandma got this and liked it a lot better than I liked my Crab Cakes. She was especially raving about the peas. This fits with my conception that Jayne’s is a nice place that puts a lot of care into the food, but that was off its game for a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Miscellaneous Positives:

- I love the décor and how intimate the little dining room is.
- The food shows that the staff loves and appreciates good ingredients.

Miscellaneous Negatives:

- Service was a little wack. They definitely seemed overwhelmed. The food took a very long time to come out. They seated a party that arrived after us first just because they waited closer to the hostess stand. 

Verdict: Step it up and let me love you. 

Jayne's Gastropub
4677 30th Street @ Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 563-1011