Obidos and Nazare, Portugal

En route from Lisbon to Porto, we made two stops. The first was a brief chance to check out the tiny Medieval fortified town of Obidos. I climbed the castle walls to snap some pictures.  

Overall the vibe of the town was very touristy, but still very pleasant. The one main street that wound upwards through it reminded me a lot of Mont St. Michel. There were a lot of stands selling locally-made Ginja, a cherry liqueur served in a chocolate cup. I bought some to bring home, natch. I can never resist local booze. 

Our next stop was for lunch in the seaside town of Nazare. It had a bit of an abandoned feeling since the beach-going season was over, but it was still very beautiful.

We had lunch at a seaside restaurant. My fish dish was... not my favorite. It was deep fried (usually a plus for me!) but full of bones, rendering it difficult to eat. Most fish is served bone-in in Portugal and Spain, I would soon learn. I don't find the bones gross, I just find them challenging to eat around. 

But I didn't care much about the not-great food, because the setting was ON POINT.

Awwwwwww yisssssss.